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A Bourbon-Fueled Spot with a Killer Patio

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There is a place.

A place with a patio, but no wind.

A place with fresh air, but utter privacy.

A place with hot toddies in thermoses... in lunch boxes.

An excellently named place called Dirty Habit, an elevated new hideaway in the former Fifth Floor space, opening Thursday in the Hotel Palomar.

If you’re grabbing drinks with clients, come here. If you need a little something before shopping in Union Square, come here. If you want some sunlight that doesn’t blow your hair straight back, come here. If you... well, okay, we’ll just assume you’re coming here.

What you’ll see: a window-filled lounge wrapped in greenery just beyond, so it’s bright but secluded. Inside: leather. Marble. Futuristic lights. Nice place for a barrel-aged white Manhattan or a punch bowl full of bourbon. Then again, what isn’t.

Past all that, the pièce de résistance—the patio. It’s totally surrounded by taller buildings that block the wind, and there are plenty of heat lamps. But if you and a date are still feeling a slight chill, say “Get Me a Juice Box” to your waiter. It’s a thermos full of hot toddy, arriving in a lunch box with a PBR and enough housemade bar nuts to share.

Somehow that was never a Lunchables option.

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