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Chelsea’s New Seafood Spot

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Here’s a phrase we didn’t expect to use today:

George Clooney, engaged man.

Here’s a phrase we totally expected to use today:

The new seafood joint from the Esca guy is pretty great.

About that...

It’s called Barchetta, it’s a nautical adventure in the form of a voluminous Chelsea date spot, and it’s now open.

Like we said: this whole situation is from the Esca guy. Which means really good stuff in the way of Italian seafood—lobster fettuccine, charred octopus, a crispy grilled whole porgy. If you’re going hungry here, you’re doing something very wrong.

And while you could take up residence in one of the expansive leather banquettes in the main dining room, we’d argue there’s only one way to go. And that’s to bring your date and a couple other people to the elevated back room and grab the booth to the right. Your view: squirrels. Nautical flags. And prawns.

Only one of those should be on your plate.

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