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Beer, Bath and Beyond

A Refreshing Bath of Beer at Calistoga Ranch

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Beer: on a weekend, you’ve always thought it was a good thing to drink.

Turns out, you’ve been thinking way too small.

Dip a toe into the Ale Immersion Bath, a spa treatment that’s re-creating an ancient European bathing ritual deep in the heart of wine country—yep, you’ll basically be bathing in beer—now available at Calistoga Ranch.

Sure, you’ll be in wine country. But there’s nothing wrong with drinking beer in wine country. And there’s definitely nothing wrong with going to a spa, proceeding through a treatment room to your private deck overlooking the trees and stepping into a deep soaking tub. A soaking tub filled with beer.


It’s technically a mixture of dry ale yeast, malt and barley in a bag that soaks in the water for a while—and about 15 minutes before your arrival, two cups of Cascade hops are dumped in the water to “brew.” Then, more hops go in right before you do.

And when you do: it smells like a brewery. Which is another way of saying it smells fantastic. Oh, and there’s also pretzels and a bottle of beer in a bucket beside you.

Theoretically, the hops and such help soothe your muscles and joints to help you relax.

This corroborates your years of painstaking research.


Ale Immersion Bath
at Calistoga Ranch
580 Lommel Rd
(off the Silverado Trail)
Calistoga, CA, 94515


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