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Meet the South End’s New Cocktail Haven

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So what are you doing tonight?

Sorry. Trick question.

Because clearly you’re going to Trophy Room, a new marble-heavy cocktailery that just took over the old Fritz space, soft-opening tonight in the South End.

It looks like the kind of classic neighborhood haunt that’s been around for 60 years instead of since tonight. It’s all black wooden floorboards and white tile walls. Plus a whitewashed resin deer head mounted on a corner wall. His name is Fritz. But he doesn’t answer to it.

You’ll come here with friends for predinner drinks on a mammoth, black leather banquette made just for that purpose. Say things. Make excitable gestures. Sample something from the cocktail list, like The Blue Ribbon with lime, tequila and PBR on the rocks. Yes, “PBR on the rocks” is part of a sentence we just wrote.

And yet, it’s also the perfect spot for second dates that require duck-sausage flatbreads and culinary theatrics. You’ll find both at the solid marble bar in front of the open kitchen.

Chefs get no privacy these days.

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