The Miami Naked Painting Party

Thigh Art

A Naked Painting Party in Wynwood

None You know good art when you see it.

Van Gogh’s sunflowers. Bob Ross’s happy little clouds. The impressive rendition of Starry Night you just painted on a stranger’s lower back...

Admire the brushstrokes at The Miami Naked Painting Party—why, yes, it is a soiree full of naked people painting each other, and tickets are now on sale.

History lesson: in 2010, someone in the Lower East Side of New York got bored with everyone showing up to parties with clothes on. Thus was born Social Exposure, a group of like-minded people who would rather be naked painting around the world than, say, not.

Step 1: Show up in clothes you don’t care about (paint and Duncan Quinn are the only things that clash here), and if you’re coming with a large naked-painting posse, keep an even guy-girl ratio. It’s sort of like going to a club. Sort of.

Step 2: Get as naked as you want. (If you’re not feeling especially full-frontal, fair enough. You can stay.)

Step 3: Go to the open bar and get cocktails... because now you’re naked in a roomful of 200 other naked people, and whiskey will help.

Step 4: Grab a paintbrush...

Nothing says “Nice to meet you” like a firm brushstroke.


The Miami Naked Painting Party
59 NW 36th St
Miami, FL, 33127

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