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Central Just Got Three New Lunch Spots

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If you want bacon, eggs and cheese on a Danish, turn to page 1.

If you’re feeling clam ramen, turn to page 1.

If you’d like to try some bizarre Japanese fast food, turn to page 1.

Nope. Not a choose-your-own-adventure email...

It’s H Mart, a new Asian supermarket equipped with a splendid little hall of three lunch opportunities (fine, it’s a food court) now waiting to serve you, open as of today in Central Square.

So, three options. Let’s take a closer look at each. There’s...

... an unending supply of sushi and ramen.
That’s Sapporo Ramen, where you’ll find 67 types of sushi, ramen with top neck clams and rice bowls filled with sea urchin roe.

... a baseball-obsessed curry joint.
Sounds like Go Go Curry. They’re big in Japan. They serve a thick, dark curry sauce over a bed of rice topped with fried pork cutlets or eggs. And all the sizes are named for baseball hits. It’s easier if you don’t ask.

... a reliable dispensary of sandwiches and cronuts.
Must be Paris Baguette. They’ve got coffee-cream cronut spin-offs behind that giant bakery window. And bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwiches on Danishes.

And they definitely missed the memo on Asian food.


H Mart
581 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA, 02139


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