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A Gleaming White Library of Booze for Your Place

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There are three levels of home wet bar:

1: “There’s probably some vodka in the freezer.”
2: “Sure, I can make you the perfect martini.”
3: “Make yourself comfortable, I just need to get my barrel-aged gin and plum bitters...”

Ascend to level-three greatness via Alchemy Bottle Shop—yes, it’s just a liquor store, but that’s kind of like calling State Bird Provisions just a restaurant. It’s now open Wednesdays to Sundays.

First of all, it... doesn’t really look like a liquor store. More like a library, or an apothecary. Think white walls, majestic staircase leading to a little art gallery and hundreds of strictly organized bottles of good stuff you may never have seen before.

So come here with an open mind and a plan. Or no plan at all. They’ve got St. George Dry Rye Reposado Gin and Seascape American Peated Single Malt if you’re just in the mood to try out something (anything) local.

But if your needs are more urgently specific—you need a gin using rose petal and black-lemon botanicals, and it had better have seen the inside of a whiskey barrel or else—the wise staff will guide you to the Oola. Really. The owners say whoever helps you will have tried everything in stock.

It’s a noble calling.


Alchemy Bottle Shop
3256 Grand Ave
(near Elwood)
Oakland, CA, 94610


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