Tavern on the Green

The Comeback Kid

It’s a Tavern. On the Green. And It’s Back.

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Things that must always be:


The sun.


Kate Moss.

And this...

Tavern on the Green. It’s... Tavern on the Green, and it’s opening up on Thursday for the first time in five years. Let’s take a look at what’s changed, shall we?

Get a load of the...
Then: Elaborate web of crystal chandeliers and floral prints. A real Liberace’s house vibe.
Now: Simplicity. Though it still has the sweeping views of Sheep’s Meadow and floor-to-ceiling windows in the main dining room. The second dining room is looking more like a stable these days. The kind of stable that has green tufted-velvet banquettes.

You must try the...
Then: ... let’s just move on to the “now” part on this one.
Now: Braised lamb shank and sea scallops from a vet of the late, great Quilty’s.

So you’re just passing through the park...
Then: Keep walking.
Now: Grab a seat on one of the giant-paisley sofas at the cocktail bar. Realize you’re sitting on a sofa at a cocktail bar. Put that realization to good use.

Then: Your prom date. Or your mom.
Now: Mother’s Day is right around the corner.

If it ain’t broke...

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