Off to the Racines

A Famous Paris Wine Bar, Now in Tribeca

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Dear The French,

We’ve given you a lot of grief over the years. And for that we apologize.

Because it seems like you’ve turned a corner—a beautiful, delicious corner. First, there was the whole “no work emails after 6pm” thing. (Brilliant.) And now, you’ve given us this...

It’s Racines, a wine bar that might be France’s greatest gift to NYC since the Statue of Liberty, open now in Tribeca.

The original is considered one of the best wine spots in Paris. (They drink wine there, right?) As for here and now and you: bring oenophiles, dates and... oenophile dates. Oh, and maybe any friends who work way downtown.

Friendly counsel: as appealing as the sparse, long marble bar and the rustic two-tops might be, you and your dinner companion should request the chef’s table. It’s where your Michelin-starred chef will be working magic on, say, Mangalitsa pork—an especially tender, flavorful Balkan pork, in case you’re not a student of the carnivorous arts.

The vino menu’s still being finalized, but it’ll get serious—biodynamics, obscure grape blends. And the cellar downstairs has 9,000 bottles.

Feel free to start counting down in song.

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