Begging for Mercer

A New York–Inspired, DJ-Fueled Club and Lounge

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Been too long since you did the gallery-hopping thing.

So here’s a new spot for you: it’s got tufted-leather couches, whiskey and a dance floor.

Hope that’s okay.

Here come the triumphant beats of Mercer, an intimate club and lounge in the old Project One art gallery space, now soft-open on weekends from the Mighty crew.

There are two distinct spaces for you here—a gentlemanly lounge up front and a clubby dance floor in the back. Well, three distinct spaces, if you count the central bar area that connects them. So, like we said, three distinct spaces for you here.

You could easily start a date in a couple of wingback chairs up front, with a round of tequila-spiked Dance Machines. Consider it foreshadowing. And just know they also have a drink called As Long as There Is Whiskey. Seemed important to mention.

After a couple of those, you’ll probably be ready to move things past the bar and to the back room. It’s pretty minimalist back here... just a dance floor, low sofas and some massive beats coming from the TurboSound™ system.

Just do what TurboSound™ tells you.


255 Rhode Island St
(near 15th)
San Francisco, CA, 94103


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