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Fire Walk with You

Meat, Fire and Rum Punch in Somerville

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One gazillion years ago, man discovered fire.

Give or take a day.

Anyway, it’s all been leading up to this...

Behold the discovery of La Brasa, a mighty new fire-powered feasting hall from a L’Espalier vet, opening next week in Somerville.

And now, just the facts...

This place is gigantic.
It’s all slanted, rough-hewn wood and high ceilings. And it had to be big. So they could fit things like...

A full-on espresso bar next to the dining room.
Diligently manned by a barista named Judson. He’d like to meet you, too.

And a rolled-steel bar.
It runs the length of the restaurant. Get cozy on a surprisingly comfortable, bicycle-style leather seat and see what the bartender knows about kegged mezcal cocktails and rum punch (hint: it’s a lot).

There’s a huge, custom-built fire pit.
It’s where you’ll find chefs roasting almost everything on the menu. Feel free to watch as your rib roast with cilantro chimichurri gets slow-cooked before it’s shipped off on a cart and carved at your table.

You can buy their meat.
At a separate market area filled with produce, steaks and other food from local farms. You’ll access it through a big gaping hole in the dining room’s brick wall.

No, it’s not shaped like the Kool-Aid Man.


La Brasa
124 Broadway
Somerville, MA, 02145


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