High Roller

High by Night

Floating 550 Feet Above the Strip

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What follows is a tale of the High Roller, the tallest observation wheel in the universe.

It just opened in Las Vegas.

Its highest point is 51 stories above the ground.

And it’s going to take some serious numerical analysis to figure out how to effectively harness its might...

Times you’ve been on a rotating circle of this magnitude before: 0
Millions of dollars it cost to build: about 183
Number of feet you’ll travel to at its highest point: 550
Number of feet that probably is: too many
Millions of pounds of steel it consists of: 7.3
LED lights embedded in the kaleidoscope-inspired wheel: 2,000
Number of Italian-glass cabins to choose from: 28
Duration of each ride: 30 minutes
Cocktails you can order from the bar at base camp and drink during the ride:
Cartoon Elvis Presleys singing “Viva Las Vegas” on the in-cabin flat-screens: 1
Number of degrees you can take skyline photos in: 360
Maximum number of thrill-seeking accomplices who can join you in each cabin: 39
Likelihood you’ll host a party with 35 showgirls, three fire jugglers and one attorney in one of them: high to very high


High Roller
at The Linq
3545 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109


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