Into the Wood

A Lodge-Like SoMa Bar with Bourbon and Atari

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You’ve got such fond memories of sitting around playing Atari, having a shot and cracking open a beer between levels of Pac-Man.

Hang on, you’re actually thinking of tomorrow. More of a prediction than a memory, really.

Enter happily into Woodbury, a new ballpark-adjacent bar that’s like part lodge, part retro rec room—it opens tomorrow in SoMa.

There are a few screens around if you want to catch the game without... catching the game. But baseball aside, this is your new spot for a quick after-work drink with friends surrounded by tractor-wheel stools and the occasional moose head—on the kind of night where everybody knows another round is in the cards. As is poutine. As is a pork belly burger. As is that Atari tucked into the back lounge.

Now, about what you’re drinking: if you want a fancy cocktail, head through the side door up to Alchemist. They do their own bitters and such here, so you can get a good Old Fashioned if you’re not in the mood for a beer—but there’s no fussy cocktail list. And way in the back is a second bar that only does beer-and-shot combos, from Jack and Tecate to Four Roses and a Deschutes Black Butte Porter.

Save that one to commemorate a new high score.


685 3rd St
(at Townsend)
San Francisco, CA, 94107


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