It Takes Tube

A Science-y Speaker That Does Everything

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·

None Not very good.


That is what your music sounds like without this...

Open your ears to the Tubecore Duo, the first and only high-fidelity, tube-amp-powered speaker with Bluetooth and wi-fi (basically, it’s a scientifically perfect wireless speaker), available now.

Tube amps. Nothing you love more than tube amps. But in case you’re unfamiliar, they’re those cool lightbulb-looking things found in speakers normally reserved for playing vinyl and being referenced by High Fidelity characters.

And sure, you can play records with this. But it also has an onboard computer that lets you wirelessly play music from your phone and stream movies to your HDTV. Which we’re told are more options than just playing records.

First, find a suitable corner in your living room, your office or wherever you enjoy basking with your thoughts and Miles Davis. Make sure it’s clean. Make sure it’s worthy of a handmade, all-wood auditory treasure chest with little glowing bulbs inside of it. Then, anytime you’ve got company, press play to reveal a world of immaculately clear, distortion-free audio the likes of which they never knew existed.

We’ll also accept “casually listen to music.”

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