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Short Rib, Wine and Music in an Old Opera House

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Wine tasting in Napa is pretty great. Until about 4:30pm, when everything closes. Then what the hell are you supposed to do...

Here’s what the hell: City Winery, an opulent sprawl of restaurant, wine bar and concert space poured into a glamorous old opera house—now open in Napa.

With this place at the ready, Napa is now... Napa 2.0, really. So picture it. You have your day at some wineries, and then you get yourself here with all your friends, along with all the new friends and winemaking scions you’ve accrued along the way. Things are just getting started.

And probably getting started with a little more wine. It’s not actually a winery here, but there’s lots of local bottles. The list is 500 deep—with 36 on tap from barrels behind the bar. Then you’ll be ready for dinner in the vast main theater area. Under the stage you’ll have lamb-short-rib ragout over cavatelli and flat iron steak with wine reduction.

Eventually you’ll work your way upstairs. Long ago, the sun set. There’s room for a couple hundred people up here, and a stage for, oh, Lewis Black or some musician. Prince has shown up for secret shows at other City Winery locations, so... stay vigilant.

Generally do, in matters of wine and Prince.


City Winery
1030 Main St
(at 1st)
Napa, CA, 94559


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