Kao Lounge and Kao Smoke

Holy Kao

A Porcão Empire of Cocktails, Dancing and Cigars

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It’s Friday night and you’ve got the big date in 30 minutes.

You tried making beef bourguignon. It... didn’t pan out.

That’s okay, you don’t have an après-steak nightclub and cigar lounge upstairs anyway...

Here to save the day: Kao Lounge and Kao Smoke, stowed above Porcão Farm to Grill—one’s an intimate dance club, the other’s a swanky cigar lounge, and both are open now for all your date-night needs.

So you’ve taken your date to Porcão. You’ve had your steak. You look at each other and realize this night could only go one way: upstairs.

Door #1: Kao Lounge. Take a seat at a crushed black velvet banquette under racy red lights. Order some fondue, if you want, and a round of Kao Fire cocktails (rye whiskey and rock-candy syrup). It probably won’t be long before the DJ gets you dancing. Well, the red lights help, too. Eventually, when you need to cool off, then open...

Door #2: Kao Smoke. It’s a mellower-feeling cigar lounge. Grab a couple of Cohiba special-aged Churchills from your personal humidor and head out to the patio.

Where you’ll whisper sweet O-rings to each other.


Kao Lounge and Kao Smoke
at Porcão Farm to Grill
901 S Miami Ave
Miami, FL, 33130


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