Paul’s Beautique

Punny Name, Classic Place

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In just a few seconds, there’s going to be a new thing you think of when you hear the word “Beau.”

Sorry, Beau Bridges. You’ve just been demoted. It was a good run.

But make way for...

Beautique, an underground hideout of lavish dinners and dramatic cocktailery, now open just south of Central Park.

No, this isn’t a hair salon in Winston-Salem. It’s where veterans of Le Cirque, Rose Bar and Gordon Ramsay handle your many dining and imbibing pleasures.

Forgive the obvious reference, but here’s a place where an early-seasons Don Draper would take a non-work-related meeting. So in order, avail yourselves of the rabbit salad and the lamb five ways, with Deauville Juleps (a blueberry twist on the basic julep) before, in between and after.

You’ll navigate a huge, dark back lounge with a bar and mirrored ceilings, a middle dining room enveloped by a crystal chandelier and a white-tablecloth main dining room with another bar.

The upholstery is by Jean Paul Gaultier (crucial if you’re a Fifth Element/Madonna cone-bra phase fan). The walls are covered with what looks like a hybrid of giant rose petals and jellyfish. All this, plus bone marrow flan.

Adventurousness, thy name is flan.

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