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Your Facebook Feed’s Highlights, Emailed

None Friends may come and go, but...

Oh, wait. No they don’t. Friends come and then stick around forever, posting endless baby pictures, viral videos and Candy Crush Saga requests.

So maybe you should check this out: Notably, a locally based website that combs through the Facebook lives of your friends and relatives to provide you with a topline report, online now.

Think of it as a highlight reel for Facebook, delivered conveniently via email.

Select the updates you want to see: work, school, relocation, relationship status, etc. Block anyone you don’t really care about. You’ll receive a daily or weekly summary of the big-deal stuff. But warning: your knowledge about the social lives of your sister’s high school friend’s cats may plummet. (You’ll survive.)

Imagine the immediate and practical value. You’ll be able to swiftly congratulate the friend who just became VP. You’ll be sending well-timed birthday wishes to the college friend who just moved to Aruba. And if someone suddenly switches their “In a relationship” status to private—a sly move usually hard to spot—you’ll be right there when it goes public again as “Single.”

Just set your status to “Ready to mingle.”

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