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Whiskey and Secret Menus in the North End

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Turns out, that’s Italian for “speak.”

And not “tiny and mysterious room full of whiskey drinks.”


Anyway, this Parla is an illicit new joy chamber full of rye and rotating secret menus, and it’s soft-opening Monday and officially opening next Wednesday (more on that in a minute) in the North End.

Now let’s get you up to speed:

This place is tiny.
But that didn’t stop them from filling it with rough-hewn wood, a copper-wrapped bar and giant mason jars with whiskey-honey-and-habanero infusions in them. There’s always room for that. And...

A mural depicting a shushing flapper and the word “Omertà.”
A reference to the traditional Italian code of silence. Feel free to break it while getting into a plate of quail-egg carbonara.

Your margarita is weird.
Don’t worry, though. That’s just because it’s made with rye instead of tequila. There’s still Cointreau and house sour mix. Otherwise, it would just be rye.

A secret menu exists.
With hidden cocktails and clandestine food specials. You’ll get it by telling the server a password. Which is [text missing].

About that soft-open...
You can get in Monday or Tuesday by submitting your email to their site. They’ll reply with instructions on how to get in.

A door will probably be involved.

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