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A New DIY Pie Spot at the Monte Carlo

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Imagine if we told you the Vegas forecast called for 800-degree temps today.

You’d probably say something like “Pfft. That’s impossible. No way. You’re stupid. We’d all die if that happ...”

And then we’d stop you right there and explain that we’re talking about the pizza forecast, and everything would be okay again.

Here to help clear up any lingering confusion: 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, a cavernous new pizza spot from the Umami guys (where they bake their pies at precisely you-guessed-it degrees), now open at the Monte Carlo.

You know Umami. They make burgers. And if you live on either coast, they’re probably your favorite burgers. But when you enter this vast expanse of open-beam ceilings, subway-tiled walls and giant wood-fired pizza ovens, you shouldn’t expect burgers. You should expect pizzas.

And here’s how you’ll make those happen to your mouth: walk up to the marble counter. You’ll find over 30 toppings behind it—bacon marmalade. Rosemary ham. Rock shrimp. The good stuff. Then, you’ll tell the guy back there what you’ve decided on and he’ll produce a thin, smoky, Neapolitan-style pie for your consumption. Easy.

They’re open until 2am, too. Which means you can drink beer and eat pizza in this place until 2am.

Is what that means.

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