Feel It in the Air

There’s a New Mile High Club over Vegas

None The Mile High Club.

Some say it can’t be done.

Some say it shouldn’t be done.

But we say what happens between two consenting adults... and a consenting pilot... 5,280 feet above Vegas...

... stays on the Love Cloud, a former six-seat Cessna 421 that’s been converted into your own private trystery in the sky, taking off now outside of fabulous Las Vegas.

You’re probably feeling a lot right now. Intrigue. Skepticism. An utter lack of surprise about this being in Vegas. Allow us to shed some light...

Yes, this is happening.
You’ll head to North Las Vegas Airport, exchange pleasantries with the pilot and prepare for taxi. Once you reach altitude, the seat belt light goes off and the pilot’s noise-canceling headphones go on.

There’s plenty of legroom.
The plane previously seated six. But it’s been modified with a custom-fitted foam mattress, some decorative erotic pillows (you’ll figure them out) and a wireless speaker that’s never met an R. Kelly aria it didn’t like.

You can choose the view.
He’ll fly you over Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam (or the Strip, if it’s a night flight). You know, this being a scenic tour and whatnot.

You’ll also receive a Mile High Club membership certificate.
Which you should promptly burn after receiving.

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