The Sea Star

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A Century-Old Watering Hole, Revived

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Martinis. Victorian wallpaper. Chandeliers under tin ceilings.

Yep, we’re thinking baseball-watching spot, too...

It’s The Sea Star taking shape in your mind—the scrappy, regal watering hole that’s bringing some ancient Dogpatch back to the former location of the Goat is now open.

It’s not too far from the ballpark—happy home opener, by the way. You’re looking well. Anyway, it’s nowhere near a typical sports bar, with all that scruffy, old-timey decor and the building’s century-old dive bar history. But if you just want a no-frills spot in the orbit of AT&T Park, somewhere with a bar stool, an Old Fashioned and a couple of mounted flat-screens on view behind the bar, here you go.

It’s also a good come-whenever-with-friends spot. The owners found some more room in the back and, wouldn’t you know, a pool table fits in there. If none of you are in classic-cocktail mode, just know the owners are the Southern Pacific Brewing people—so the dozen taps have some good local brews like the Lagunitas IPA.

“None of you are in classic-cocktail mode.” Ha. That was a good one.


The Sea Star
2289 3rd St
(at 20th)
San Francisco, CA, 94107


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