Papa’s Favorite Wild West Burger

The Old Man and the Beef

Served Up: Hemingway’s Secret Burger

We get wild ideas sometimes. Call them edible flights of fancy. And we think you deserve a world where these things exist. So once in a while, we scrawl these ideas on a bar napkin and pass them to someone with the fortitude, the mastery and the lack of regard for natural law necessary to make them reality. We call it Served Up...

Ernest Hemingway’s burger recipe was recently discovered among some newly released papers. Literary scholars called it his greatest written work. (They were probably just hungry at the time.)

We asked the good people of B&B Winepub (fka Burger & Barrel) if they’d re-create it. Thus, Papa’s Favorite Wild West Burger is on a real-life menu, now through April 20.

The original recipe gets real: capers, egg, wine and two spice blends they don’t even make anymore. So the folks at B&B (who you may know from such award-winning burgers as The Bash Burger) rolled up their sleeves and went to work, including reinventing those spices from scratch.

The result is a perfect (read: delicious) tribute to the man himself—sparse yet complex. Just a patty and the bun. You contribute the moans of pleasure-filled disbelief that follow.

If you’re thirsty, B&B’s also brought the Daiquiri La Floridita to their menu, and a Papa Doble version made specifically for Ernie back in the day.

Ha. If you’re thirsty.


Papa’s Favorite Wild West Burger
available at B&B Winepub
25 W Houston St
(between Mercer and Greene)
New York, NY, 10012

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