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A Discreet Little Hookup Place on Wabash

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“Let’s get out of here...

“Somewhere away from prying eyes...

“Somewhere we can take this to the next level...

“Somewhere with... bags of fried pickles and pork belly sliders.”

We don’t know what line you’re using these days, but it sounds like you’re looking for this place: Adamus, a hidden-in-plain-sight jewel box of discreet cocktailing and nibbling, now open in the Loop’s Silversmith Hotel.

So: the Silversmith, in a historic Jewelers Row building, has just completed a massive renovation. Part of that renovation included turning Ada’s Famous Deli into a sparkling, jewel-toned lounge. (Sometimes, lox needs to be sacrificed for the greater good.)

You’ll find the place by passing through the hotel’s lobby and heading to the central rotunda bar. This is where your rendezvous accomplice will have been instructed to meet with you. Big black sunglasses totally optional.

After some discreet nods and sly winks, move to one of those love seats near the windows for spiced gimlets and ginger daiquiris. If things start getting serious and you need a little nosh to keep the evening going, there are lobster croquettes, charcuterie boards and even fondue served with baked bagel chips.

Bagel chips: the ultimate deal sealer.

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