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28 Private Golf Courses in Your Living Room

None Bummer about the Masters rain delay.

Maybe Ernie Els can come over and practice in your living room instead.

Because here’s the OptiShot Golf Simulator, the game’s latest advancement that’s making up to 28 of the world’s most legendary golf courses playable from the comfort of your own flat-screen, available now.

You’ve probably seen similar simulator setups in the golf shop. Well, this is like those, only portable and not the price of a second home. It comes with things like an infrared swing pad with 16 high-speed sensors to analyze your swing, adjustable rubber tees and no net. So... get a net.

You can set it up anywhere you’ve got a flat-screen and 8.5-foot ceilings. But let’s assume you’re using it at the office on a rainy day like this one. Plug the cable into that mini piece of astroturf, and select a course (Long Island Black, Ponte Vedra, Österåkers Golf Club...) and a game. Like skins. And you know how the rest goes.

Oh, and they’ll have a live version soon where you can compete against two to four other players online.

Try to avoid BobBarker90.

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