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Skeeball Parties at Your Place: Great Idea

None About this time, Friday afternoons, you start thinking crazy thoughts.

You think about throwing a big party with a bunch of skeeball machines at your place, just because.

We won’t pry into your crazy thoughts. The skeeball party is just a thing you can do if you want.

All hail Joey the Cat Skeeball Rental, an esteemed service from a two-time national skeeball champion (yup, that’s a thing) who wants only to bring you your share of domestic skeeball greatness, now available.

If you’ve been to the new incarnation of Off the Grid recently, you might’ve gotten a bacon bouquet from the Bacon Bacon truck. You might’ve played some skeeball. You might’ve looked around at the crowds and said to yourself, “This is fun and all, but I’d rather just throw my own skeeball party for a few friends, a few coworkers and that attractive stranger in the next skeeball lane who I’m going to talk to right after I stop talking to myself.”

Anyway, yeah, those are Joey the Cat’s machines. You can rent one or rent all four. FYI, he’s also got a bubble hockey game, whack-a-mole and two basketball-hoop-y games. He’ll even stick around and emcee a tourney if you’re feeling pretty serious about this endeavor.

And what could be more serious, really.


Joey the Cat Skeeball Rental

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