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Burgers and Beer in an Old Laundromat

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The rumors are true.

Burgers are delicious to eat, and beers are delicious to drink.

Related: The Glenville Stops, a splendid new tomfoolery parlor with tempura-topped burgers and just rivers of beer, opening Saturday in Allston.

At one time, this was a laundromat. But now it’s a restaurant resembling a cozy home kitchen. There’s a simple wooden bar. Some stained-glass lamps. Oh, and a big arch smack in the middle with no other purpose than to give you a place to rest your drinks.

You’ll just come here for one beer. Until you count the draft lines (20), the cask ales (two) and the wine taps (five). Then you’ll grab a table and readjust your drink forecast accordingly.

On the food front, you’ll find small plates like charred baby octopus and a burger fortified with hoisin sauce and sriracha-soaked tempura onion rings. Which is neither small nor a plate. We assume you’ll forgive them for throwing around words like that.

And while they open Saturday, they’re throwing a Friday night block party with gratis appetizers like oyster po’boys and fried cheese. And everyone’s invited.

You never miss a good fried-cheese party.


The Glenville Stops
87 Glenville Ave
Allston, MA, 02134


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