The Mansion at Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa

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It’s just before dusk in Sausalito.

You’re watching the sun go down across the bay from the terrace of a 19th-century Victorian mansion.

In the distance, someone whispers, “Hey, clown bag, we’re headed to Blue Bottle for a coffee. Need anything?”

Oops. You’re not in Sausalito at all. It’s Wednesday and you’re... wherever you are.

Soon, though. Soon.

For here comes The Mansion at Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa, 11 rooms’ worth of just-renovated manse that you can sleep in, taking reservations now for Tuesday.

Hop in a car. Hop in a water taxi. Hop in anything. Just get there, because...

The Alexandrite Suite is waiting.
The mansion was originally built in 1885. Which is old. But during the renovation, they built a massive suite with a two-tiered deck overlooking the bay, a private chef and a secret door. Doesn’t matter where it leads. Point is: secret door.

So is Poggio.
That’s the restaurant. It’s got venison meatballs and wine and you can get all that sent to your room. They’re calling it “room service.” Fancy.

You can rent the whole place out.
All three stories, including the Piper Room where Pink Floyd stayed during their 1967 tour: yours. Day-use of a yacht: yours. A personal chauffeur: not yours.

Just kidding. Yours.


The Mansion at Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa
801 Bridgeway
Sausalito, CA, 94965


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