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You Really Should See Marine Layer’s New HQ

This story is going to end with you eating popcorn and watching Point Break in a warehouse.

And dammit, you’re going to look good while doing it...

Behold the vast expanse of Marine Layer Workshop, the former Lumiere movie house turned sprawling HQ for the local label that specializes in providing dashing coverage for your upper body, opening Friday.

You may already be familiar with their Marina and Hayes Valley shops. This location, though. It’s different. For starters, there’s a small army of designers bobbing and weaving around pallets and exposed plumbing pipes and sewing machines.

Engage them. Tell them how much you love their waterproof fog jackets and camping button-downs. A lot of the gear here’s made with one-off materials and experimental graphics, so you may be leaving with something no one else will ever wear.

Then again, you may just be leaving with some henleys or a periwinkle polo. Which... great. If anything, you’ll get to say the word “periwinkle” whenever you want. But again, you’re in the old Lumiere theater here.

So of course they’ll have freshly popped popcorn for you. And of course they’ll be screening old-school surfer movies like The Endless Summer and Point Break on the wall.

But you already knew that.


Marine Layer Workshop
1572 California St
(near Polk)
San Francisco, CA, 94109

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