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Bol’d Over

Israeli Goodness in the West Village

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You know the place.

Oh, you know it.

The things you’ve done in its name...

Relationships have ended.

Careers have been compromised.

Falafel: defiled.

So this—this one’s for you.

It’s Bar Bolonat, a charming West Village corner of Israeli experimentation from the woman behind Taïm and Balaboosta, opening tonight.

This’ll be a date-night winner, what with its neighborhood-spot allure and its small, gleaming marble bar and its... understated drapery. (Never underestimate the power of good drapery.)

Here, you’ll feast. It’s a delightfully complex world of Jerusalem bagels (lighter, not boiled, covered in sesame seeds) with za’atar (herb dip). A world of turkey shawarma tacos. A world where roast chicken and pomegranate live in harmony.

Our suggested game plan: grab one of the spots along the banquette around the back of the bar. Get all that stuff. Then split a bottle of Shvo blend, a red from Galilee. (We hear it started out as water.)

Eventually, dessert time will roll in. You’ll both declare, “Oh no, I couldn’t possibly eat another thing.” And laugh coyly. Then your waiter will break the news that chickpea-crusted, ganache-filled chocolate falafel exists.

You’re both done for.


Bar Bolonat
611 Hudson St
(at 12th)
New York, NY, 10014


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