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You know what they say about hotels with little lobbies...

Big steakhouse potential.

Make way for Oliver’s Prime, the new steak shrine in the lobby where Boa was born, opening tonight at the Grafton on Sunset.

Here’s a return to proper chophouse form: a shadowy retreat with black walls, pearlescent chairs, fish-eye mirrors and white leather booths. Dusky would be one way to describe the lighting. “Mistress-appropriate” would be another.

What you want to do is treat this like you would your other red-meat standby—round up the clients and their dates, and settle into a curtained-off private booth. Then it’s custom-rubbed filets (yes, they let you pick the rub here), Dungeness crab rolls (you knew there’d be shellfish) and red wine. Probably a fair bit of red wine.

And if you return in a couple of weeks, they’ll have an outside patio overlooking a huge swath of the city open.

Twist your arm, why don’t they.


Oliver’s Prime
at The Grafton
8462 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA, 90069


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