Vicomte A.

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Polos, Blazers and Taxidermy in SoBe

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Sorry about your bracket.

Here, let us make it up to you with some... really bright clothes.

Follow us into the light that is Vicomte A., an incredibly French, incredibly new dapper factory specializing in all manner of Technicolor polos, badged blazers and exceptional uses of taxidermy, now open in SoBe.

Upon arrival, you’ll see a red wall with a preppy-looking logo on it. Then you’ll see a zebra head. Then you’ll realize it’s all very Rob Lowe’s closet circa Class in here, only way more French.

Start looking around a bit. Scan the walls lined with brightly colored Havana polos. Think about what one of those button-downs would look like with those fuchsia pants. Probably pretty great. Probably great enough to procure and wear on a boat or a rooftop or a hammock. Nobody said this would be difficult.

Their spring and summer stuff is all about the African safari, as evidenced by things like the belted turquoise trench coats and...

Okay, at least let them pretend it’s all about the African safari.


Vicomte A.
638 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139


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