Small Wonder

At This Minuscule Bar, No Two Drinks Are Alike

None 3 Photos SRO
Smokey Robinson’s Ophthalmologist.

Sexy Robot Organization.

South Russell, Ohio.

Nope, none of those SROs concerns you tonight.

Because tonight’s the night that SRO opens. It’s a magnificent bar so tiny that its letters stand for Standing Room Only, it’s basically the owners’ reincarnation of Big—and it’s now hidden inside Oddjob.

Yeah, it’s so small in here, there was apparently no room for menus. It’s the kind of place where you look the bartender in the eye and tell him what kind of thing you’re in the mood for. Tell him you want whiskey-based. Tell him you renounced tequila after the Great Margarita Incident of 2007. Tell him whatever you think you need to tell him.

He’ll ponder your words, your essence and maybe your hair (we don’t know), then pour you out some surprise happy. If it doesn’t suit you, he’ll try again.

But first you have to find the joint. To do that, you could either A) go to Oddjob and start pulling on a bookcase in the back, or B) just go around the side of the building and enter from Washburn Alley. Depends on if your night requires bookcase mystique or non-bookcase mystique. Tough call sometimes.

Oh, and the SRO thing—bit of a misnomer. They’ve got stools. You can sit.

If there’s room.


inside Oddjob
9 Washburn St
(at Mission)
San Francisco, CA, 94103


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