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Let’s face it.

There’s no way you’re having an outdoor clambake this weekend.

So f**k it. Have an indoor one instead.

Deep inside the chambers of Precinct Kitchen + Bar, a stately set of shellfish-filled rooms attending to all your cognac and charcuterie needs, expecting to open Friday at the Loews hotel in Back Bay.

It’s like a French farmhouse and a working man’s bistro decided to be the same place. White subway-tile walls. Wood beam floors. Edison bulbs. Shelves stacked with old copper pans and jugs.

Start at the cement bar. You’ll want a seat close to the hanging sticks of chorizo and salami. Because that’s a charcuterie station, and its attendants will gladly set you up with slivers of prosciutto and duck-mousse parfaits in tiny jars. Great for sharing with that charming individual you just brought on a second date.

Find your resolve in a cognac-and-vermouth Harvard cocktail. Then tell them what’s really on your mind. Getting a cozy booth together and emptying an iron-pot clambake full of clams, shrimp, red potatoes and kielbasa simmering in lobster broth.

Just keep an eye on their stone patio. Come April, it’ll be full of fire pits and sage margaritas.

And hopefully spring.

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