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Meet the Indulgence Burger. Yep.

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Breaking news in the field of opulent burgers.

There’s... uh... a really opulent new burger that you can get.

And you can get it...

... at Beer & Buns, an expansive new dining room housing a $250 burger, now soft-open in Murray Hill.

The Indulgence burger. That’s what it’s called. It sports Kobe beef, wine-sautéed foie gras, fresh truffles and beluga caviar. And it’s for when you a) win your office’s NCAA tournament pool; b) are insane; c) have only a short while to live; or d) have a love of burgers that transcends that of a normal human.

But most of the time, you’re coming here for sliders and “normal” burgers—the Korean-short-rib kind, the chili-sauce-topped-grouper kind and the olive-oil-marinated kind. Also, beer. It’s available both by the bucket and by the tower. (Ah, Murray Hill.)

You’ll walk in and think, “This doesn’t look like a burger joint.” Burger joints don’t have brushed-steel columns or sunny outdoor patios. But this does, along with a few well-placed flat-screens for the madness of March. So, to recap: extravagant burgers, televised athletics and towers of lager.

Yeah, that wouldn’t interest you at all.


Beer & Buns
130 E 39th St
(between Lexington and Park)
New York, NY, 10016


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