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Pong and Dance

Ping-Pong, DJs and Rum at Fenway

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We say “Fenway Park.”

You think “ping-pong.”

And that’s pretty much how that’s going to work from now on.

Thank Blazing Paddles, a just incredibly named subterranean ping-pong wonderland built into the very foundations of Fenway Park, now open.

Enter through the first floor of Game On. Then, go down the staircase. Then: a giant underground room with a dozen ping-pong tables, a mural depicting some kind of fierce yet beautiful table-tennis geisha and TVs looping throwback music videos.

How it works: rent a table for 30 minutes to two hours. Book the Green Monster Room. It’s got the same model of Ferrari-red ping-pong table that was used in the London Olympics. And there’s a giant mural of the Green Monster. Almost forgot that part.

Now you’re free to send tiny white balls flying at high speeds without having to worry about the whole bending-over-to-pick-them-up part. They’ve got people walking around with special nets for that. Between matches, hit the bar for rounds of rum-heavy Fenway Punches or buffalo chicken nachos.

And when it gets late enough, they’ll invite a DJ over and roll away some tables to reveal a dance floor.

It’s a dance trap.

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