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A Place Where Charcuterie and Dates Thrive

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Charcuterie. Brandy. Halibut. Brandy. Pork. Brandy. Something else. Brandy.

Seems like a pretty logical progression...

Especially at Trou Normand, the new Bar Agricole spin-off wading leisurely down rivers of brandy, opening Monday.

You’ll find this in the historic PacBell Building, so... yeah, if you want to meet some Yelp execs, here’s your new place. But really, if it’s marble and brandy and meatstuffs and a big line drawing of a nude woman you want—it’s the classy kind of nude-woman drawing—this is now your date-spot-ish go-to.

Sidle into your tufted banquette by the big windows. Note the twinkle of a fork. Great, now that atmosphere has been established, you can get to it. The name refers to the French tradition of a brandy shot between courses. No reason to buck tradition here.

The chef here helped launch Adesso, and he’s ready with maybe 40 kinds of salumi. Start there. This isn’t really first-date material, though, unless you know you really like each other, because you’ll be here for a while, what with all the red-wine-braised pork shank and roasted halibut and Armagnacs.

And if you still want to linger even after all that, the bar beckons with Algonquins (bourbon, lemon, pineapple gum, vermouth).

You never ignore a good beckoning.


Trou Normand
140 New Montgomery St
(at Natoma)
San Francisco, CA, 94105


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