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Meet Downtown Crossing’s New Lobster Lair

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There’s an old adage.

What begins with lobster must end in cocktails named after strippers.

Should be, anyway. Because that’s happening at Legal Crossing, the latest chapter in the Legal Sea Foods saga of lobster deliciousness and date-night triumph, opening tomorrow in Downtown Crossing.

Legal Sea Foods. Legal Test Kitchen. Legal Harborside. If they were band members and not part of a restaurant group, this spot would be their greatest hits album. The menu includes tweaked favorites from the others (hey, Harborside’s poached lobster) and entirely new additions (hey, this place’s lobster mashed potatoes).

The takeaway: it’s an exquisite lair of black wood paneling and black leather booths for consuming swordfish kebabs and acquainting yourself with comely strangers (not mutually exclusive activities). Kick off conversation with the Princess Cheyenne, a sparkling-wine-and-rum concoction named for an adult dancer who was once a legend around these parts. Stripper legends make for great icebreakers.

So it’s going well. Things are moving quickly. To dessert. Speaking of, hope you brought ID. Because there’s a scratch-made bourbon ice cream boozy enough to literally require age verification.

The legal ice cream age is strictly enforced around here.

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