Hop Floats

An Emporium of Beer Swag

We hate to say it, but we find ourselves questioning your commitment to beer.

After all, we don’t see you bathing with beer. Or putting beer on your walls. Or sucking on repurposed beer.

Nope, we’re not suggesting that you become a strange person.

Just that you might want to pick up a few things from Swag Brewery, an outfit dedicated to beer paraphernalia, curios—you know, swag—online now.

They won’t actually sell you beer. (We presume you know how to get that already.) But what they do sell: stuff with beer in it or on it, when you really want to take the next step in living the beer lifestyle. Like limited-edition maps showing every brewery in the country. Coasters depicting famous beer lovers like Plato and Shakespeare.

Or a line of six beer soaps—IPA with crushed hops, oatmeal stout with crushed oats, that sort of thing. Because we know you’ve said at one point or another, “This beer’s so good, I could bathe in it.”

Or at least thought it.

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