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A Mendocino Dinner Date (and Morning-After)

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Say you have a Saturday dinner date coming up, and you want to make it memorable.

Would you rather:

A) Pick a restaurant, go to that restaurant, eat something, go home.

B) Go for a drive to Mendocino, show up at a little saltbox house with a white picket fence, feast on wine and rabbit meatballs, then go upstairs to a quaint little bedroom to open a window, breathe in the ocean air together and talk about your feelings.

Let’s go with B, mostly.

Welcome to Trillium Café and Inn, a New England-y house that’s actually a restaurant with wine and meatballs and also a place to crash afterward, soft-opening Saturday in Mendocino.

Not far from Main Street, in the former home of the Moosse Café, you’ll find it—the restaurant where you might stay until morning. Start with a seat by a big window and a crackling fire. Even if you’re not cold. Crackling fire, people.

Before long: Dungeness crab strudel. Rabbit meatballs and tortellini. Bourbon cream beignets. Lots of Anderson Valley wine. That all sounds pretty nice.

And then, well, you’re probably not going anywhere except upstairs. They’ve got three bedrooms stashed away in case you need ’em.

One should suffice, though.

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