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Fried Chicken from the Nellcôte Crew

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All good things come to an end.

Take the reign of duck-fat fries. A very good thing. But a good thing that’s over.

See, you now live in a world with chicken-fried fries.

Yes, that sound you hear is the rending of the very fabric of the universe, devouring time and space itself...

Either that or the clamor for Leghorn Chicken, a new fried-chicken sandwich shack that opens tomorrow in Ukrainian Village.

You probably wouldn’t think it at first, but this simple 30-seat, cash-only, counter-service affair is from the Nellcôte/Old Town Social guys. (Who. just. keep. opening. things.)

But look at the little details—cool metal chairs, sharp-dressed servers wearing flat-billed caps and denim aprons made from hemp. A little country, a little rock and roll.

The menu is simple. Choose your bread: bun or biscuit. Choose your cut of meat: breast or thigh. And choose your flavor: pickle-brined or Nashville hot. Boom, you’re all set.

Well, one more thing: remember to bring some vodka to spike their house drink, a lemon shake-up. The result is something like a martini they’d serve at the Illinois State Fair.

Mmm... state fair martini...

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