Power Drip

An IV Hangover Cure That Comes to You

None So you decided you’d take a drink every time LeBron made a shot during Monday night’s game...

Impeccable timing there.

No, really.

Because the universe has decided this should exist right now: VitaSquad, a mobile service that administers hangover-curing concoctions through an IV pretty much wherever you are, available now.

Yep, 61 points. Never saw that one coming. Neither did your morning-after. Well, now there’s this: a mobile service that uses an intravenous drip to shoot you full of hangover-fighting vitamins and minerals.

How it works: a professional nurse will arrive at your door (home, office, beach cabana, wherever) and hook you up to said IV for 25 to 35 minutes. After which, your hangover will abate. You’ll feel clear for up to four days. And then it’ll be the weekend. Circle of life.

The idea is pretty simple. Just give them a call or make an appointment on their site at least two hours in advance. They’ll bring all of the equipment to you. See, simple.

Now, they’ve got a few IV options on the menu. So while you can do the hangover thing, you can also order one that helps boost your immune system during cold season. Or a special mix that... enhances bedroom activities.

Like... sleeping.

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