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A Vast New Promised Land of Pizza and Beer

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“March comes in like a giant brick oven full of duck-sausage pizza, and goes out like a lamb.”

Okay, that’s not the expression. But in this case... it’s true.

Warm yourself by the fires of Pastoral, a wood-fired powerhouse of Neapolitan pies and beer cocktails, opening March 17 in Fort Point.

Imagine a country manor getting some heavy work done. Someplace with molded ceilings and exposed concrete beams. Diamond-tufted banquettes coexisting with bare zinc tables. And ruling over it all, a three-ton oven from Naples and a chef certified by something called “The True Neapolitan Pizza Association.” They’re like the Illuminati of pizza.

Gather your forces and make a play for the communal table under a milk crate chandelier. Once secured, reinforce with a round of Pastoral Cocktails, mad-scientist-like concoctions of sparkling red wine, cherry beer and Coke.

Meanwhile, your proximity to the kitchen should ensure a steady supply of pies. Start with a duck-sausage one. Maybe a lobster-and-mascarpone one. Maybe both at the same time. They’ll let you do that here.

And hey, great news. The pizza oven will be open for business until just before 2am nightly.

Then it turns into a pumpkin oven.

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