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Ah, April in Paris.

Nice, sure. Magical, even.

But, ah, March in Paris Club Bistro & Bar: now that’s what we’re talking about. And better yet, it’s open in River North for all your steak-frites-and-champagne-ing needs.

Wait. You look confused. Let’s back up a bit. The Paris Club you knew and loved is gone... kind of. Here’s how the changes break down:

Then: Exposed vents. Subway tiles. Raw concrete. A spacious vision of modern Paris circa 2011.
Now: Oxblood-red leather booths. Wood paneling. Brass chandeliers. About half the space (the other half is transforming into a ramen den soon). Welcome to Paris, 1952.

Then: Small plates, made for sharing.
Now: Large plates, made for sharing. Overflowing shellfish towers and spiced-roasted duck breast à l’orange for deux.

Then: Your hey-we-should-probably-eat-something-before-clubbing place.
Now: Your elbow-rubbing with clients place. Your easy-going midweek mussels at the bar place. Your whispered blandishments over escargots and French 75s with mysteriously accented strangers place. (You can always use another one of those.)

Then: Enter Studio Paris via the staircase near the bar for some post-dinner clubbing.
Now: You’ll find Studio Paris now has its own street-side entrance for post-dinner bottle service.

Vive la différence.


Paris Club Bistro & Bar
59 W Hubbard St
(between Clark and Dearborn)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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