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Trey Parker. Matt Stone. And Björk.

Now there are three people who probably couldn’t find anything at this place to wear to the Oscars.

Remember to thank your family, your agent and Knot Standard, an unassuming gray cottage for sartorial tête-à-têtes that result in custom tuxedos, suits and shirts, now open off Henderson.

This is how gentlemen shop. At their leisure. In a homey cottage with wood floors, white bricks and impeccably dressed... mannequins. Seriously, wait till you see these mannequins.

Once inside, take a seat by the fireplace. Make a little peak-lapel-and-thread-count small talk while you flip through fabric swatches from the likes of Zegna and Dormeuil. Then, when you’ve settled on the sort of herringbone that “just really speaks to you,” head into the back for a thorough measuring session. Fast-forward four to five weeks and there you have it: the new handsomest thing you own.

Of course, if you can’t make it into the store, that’s okay, too. These guys will bring their tape measures directly to your home, office or wherever.

Movie theater might be a little weird, though.


Knot Standard
5207 Bonita Ave
Dallas, TX, 75206


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