Topsy’s Fun House

A Total Circus

Cocktails in a Circus Tent of a FiDi Bar

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Scientific fact:

If you’re in a bar that looks like the inside of a circus tent, it’s kind of impossible to be in a bad mood.

Don’t look at us. It’s science.

Step right up to Topsy’s Fun House, a gleefully unhinged circus-themed bar filled with good drinks instead of terrifying clowns, now open in FiDi from the guys behind Playland.

Needless to say, this is where to go if you’re on a date with a contortionist. But it’s also a correct-a-bad-day kind of place, because when you step in you’re instantly assaulted with colorful harlequin-patterned walls and ceiling umbrellas and marquee lights and circus mirrors and vintage circus art. Assuming you’re not superstitious about the indoor umbrellas, things are looking up already.

And don’t worry—instead of some jerk squirting you in the face with a flower, you’ll meet a friendly bartender who wants only to reunite you with an Old Flame (it’s bourbon, bitters and flame of absinthe). Yeah, a few of those and you might start texting people you shouldn’t be texting...

So right before that happens, turn to the chicken and waffles. They don’t have food in place just yet, but they will soon.

Until then, old flames it is.


Topsy’s Fun House
260 Kearny St
(at Bush)
San Francisco, CA, 94108


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