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Hippos, Crocs and Kayaks in Botswana

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Before sending you on your way, let’s make sure you’re prepared.

Kayak: check.

Paddle: check.

Crocodile repellent: hmm... better stop by CVS.

And then head for Kayaking the Okavango, a first-of-its-kind excursion where you’ll paddle a hundred miles of Planet Earth–ian splendor in Botswana, taking reservations now.

So, the Okavango Delta: it’s basically thousands of square miles of natural lazy rivers crisscrossing Botswana’s most prime safari real estate. Except instead of floating on a raft, you’ll be paddling a kayak. And instead of weaving through artificial waterfalls, you’ll be dodging crocodiles and the occasional hippo in need of a snack.

Don’t worry, though—you’ll have a seasoned team of explorers guiding you. They’ll start you off easy with a sunset cocktail cruise. But the next morning, it’s six straight days of paddling lagoons, lounging about deserted islands, and contemplating faking your death and moving in with the elephants and wildebeest for good. (Assuming they’ve got cable.)

Oh, and add a comfortable pillow to your packing list. Because you’ll mainly be camping under the stars with the sounds of purring lions lulling you to sleep.

A roar is just an extra-loud purr, you know.

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