Pickup Artists

You Want. They Shop.

None The wind.

The rain.

Men wearing Best Buy name tags.


The point is: no matter the obstacle, you shouldn’t have to conquer it just to get what you want.

That’s because ShopRock.it will do it for you.

It’s basically a personal shopper on standby. Go to the site, explain your needs—and how much you’re willing to spend. They’ll research options, present you with the best ones, and then have it on your desk by close of business.

Just imagine these lifesaving scenarios.

You have no idea what you want:
Your niece has a birthday. You surprisingly aren’t hip to what kids are into this year. So let them scour toy stores and the terrifying demimonde known as American Girl.

You kind of know what you want:
You’re busy preparing for a big pitch meeting with investors. Secretly, you fear your tie betrays weakness. They’ll move heaven, earth and various Barneys sales racks to bring you something suitably intimidating to put around your neck.

You know exactly what you want:
Caviar: osetra. Negligee: black. Riding crop: leather. Television: 75-inch 1080p 120Hz.

We won’t ask what the riding crop is for.

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