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Got a joke for you.

What do you get when you cross a laundromat and a tanning salon?

No, wait. We don’t have a joke for you.

We have a massive emporium of beer and short ribs for you—it took over a laundry place and a tanning salon.

Cool? Cool.

Meet Hopwater Distribution, a two-story oasis of California beers and plentiful red-meat foodstuffs, now open in Nob Hill.

Like all great beer bars, it’s got... a lot of beer. Thirty taps and a cask, all situated near a 30-foot beauty of a copper bar—bring anyone, sit anywhere, upstairs booth or downstairs communal. Doesn’t matter.

You’ll end up talking to strangers. You’ll say things about the airiness and the brick and how you haven’t spent much time in this area but hey, good beer, right. And then you’ll nod and smile and cheers and order another round.

It’s all California brews, always rotating. So maybe you’ll have a Drake’s 2013 Jolly Rodger imperial ABA, or a Bruery Oude Tart Flemish-style red ale (that’s a lot of words for: sour beer). And if you’re worried this might be a classy saloon that doesn’t have Dungeness crab, tater tots and burgers topped with pork cheek, don’t. Don’t worry.

It doesn’t not have those things.


Hopwater Distribution
850 Bush St
(near Mason)
San Francisco, CA, 94109


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