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Anthology Suites, by the Numbers

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If you play enough blackjack, they’ll maybe let you stay here.

If you go to this website, they’ll... definitely let you stay here.

Swipe a fancier-than-normal keycard for Anthology Suites, a new service that’s giving you access to previously inaccessible VIP rooms, taking reservations now.

When someone suddenly grants you permission to book a bunch of exclusive penthouses or high-roller rooms in Vegas, it can be overwhelming. We get that. So we’ve gone ahead and simplified things with math. Really easy-to-read math.

Hotels in the Anthology collection: 8
Formerly impossible-to-book suites in the Anthology collection: 60 (and counting)
Number of suites referred to as “Presidential”: 3
Number of suites referred to as “the ones with the private pool and fire pits”: 3 (Villas at Caesars)
Rooms that could double as a bi-level nightclub: 1 (Absolut Flavor Suite)
Square footage of the Six-Bedroom Palazzo Suite: 13,950
24-hour butlers that’ll help you manage all that square footage: 1, but he’s rangy
Size of the largest flat-screen TV in the currently available Nobu Penthouse: 90 inches
Rock-shrimp sliders you’ll order up to that penthouse via room service: > 60
Factor by which 90-inch TVs and shrimp sliders improve March Madness viewing: 7

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